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The 25th Anniversary "Major League" Mini Bats are in!
Major League - 25th Anniversary Mini Bats
25th Anniversary "Major League" Mini-Bats
Just arrived! Special commemorative bats celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Major League" [Paramount Pictures] are available.

Bull Durham minis are in!

We are proud to announce our officially licensed collectible Bull Durham minis are now available exclusively through the Durham Bulls online store:

Once you arrive at their site, simply click on "STORE," then "NOVELTIES," and finally "MISC. NOVELTIES" and you're good to go. Enjoy. 

The 20th Anniversary "Major League" Bats are in!

Thanks for all the enthusiastic emails!!!

Major League Baseball new 20th Anniversary Bats
20th Anniversary "Major League" Bats

Just arrived! Limited commemorative bats celebrating the 20th anniversary of "Major League" [Paramount Pictures] are available.  Ordering info is inside, so click on the image above and place your orders!

We have created precisely 1000 individually numbered bats for each of the following characters: Jake Taylor, Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn, Pedro Cerrano, Roger Dorn, Willie Mays Hayes, and Harry Doyle. There is a non-character plain 20th Anniversary bat as well.

"THE NATURAL" Wonderboy is here!!!

"The Natural" Wonderboy bat
"The Natural" Wonderboy


*Only 1000 individually numbered pieces available.
Click on the image to get yours today!!!

You wanted it, you got it.

Wonderboy... arguably the most storied bat in cinema and baseball lore.

Cover of Becket Sports Card MonthlyThe Natural hit theaters back in the summer of 1984. Based on the terrific book by author Bernard Malamud, the mythical tale of Roy Hobbs and his beloved Wonderboy quickly won over the masses and is now widely considered a true classic. Twenty-five years later we celebrate what many perceive to be the greatest baseball film of all-time by creating this most unique bat.

On the main side you'll find the 125-year Slugger logo, title treatment, Roy Hobbs name and commemorative 25th Anniversary mark. But when you flip it over, you've got Wonderboy!!! Both the Wonderboy and lightning bolt are burned on by hand... just as a young Roy Hobbs did back on his father's farm. Essentially you've two bats in one!!! Display it however ya like. Either way, it's a beautiful, original, highly collectible piece of baseball memorabilia.

Bull Durham - Crash Davis
Crash Davis Slugger
Nuke LaLoosh Slugger
Bull Durham - Annie Savoy
Annie Savoy Slugger
Bull Durham 20th Anniversary Bat
Bulls Logo Slugger

*Limited 20th Anniversary Bull Durham Slugger bats have arrived!!!

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Reel Bats is your exclusive, trusted source for the most affordable and collectible limited edition Genuine Louisville Slugger bats today.

From Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb to Albert Pujols and Arod, the overwhelming majority of today and yesterday's most legendary players consistently step up to the plate armed with nothing more than a Genuine Louisville Slugger bat. Now for the very first time in their rich and storied 125-year history the single most recognizable and respected name in all of sport has teamed up with Reel Bats to proudly present an authentic highly limited series of bats to both honor and celebrate an extremely select class of classic baseball films.

Reel Bats is truly the first of its kind. A fresh, exciting, groundbreaking concept created by a fan, for the fans. The marriage of classic baseball films and authentic Louisville Slugger bats has never been attempted in the realm of sports memorabilia & collectibles...until now.

Therefore we would like to take a moment to sincerely thank the amazing group of people at Hillerich & Bradsby. It is an honor and a privilege to work hand in hand with the fantastic H&B team to create and bring these fine Louisville Slugger limited collectibles directly to fans everywhere.


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